LL-16/1240TB AGM Racing Battery

This battery packs a whopping 1050 race cranking amps 1into a 42 pound shell that comes in either 16 volt battery or Combo 16 and 12 volt battery Models. Built to be mounted in a car, boat, buggy, or truck at any angle and remain leak and spill proof.

The Lifeline LL-16/1240TB AGM Racing Battery is specifically designed for the rigorous cranking demands of the racing industry.

All Lifeline Racing batteries are hand-made in the USA. These batteries are built using the same high standards and proprietary methods that are employed in the manufacturing of similar aircraft batteries for the US Military. They are designed to deliver ample cranking power when it is needed most and are perhaps best known as industry leaders in reliability and customer satisfaction. Lifeline cranking ratings are provided using the Battery Counsel International requirements which dictate each test run for a 30-second duration.

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Length In (mm)

10.20 (259.1)

Width In (mm)

6.60 (167.6)

Height In (mm)

8.30 (210.8)

Weight LB (kg)

42 (19.05)