5 tips for maintaining your RV’s battery

Getting the most out of your RV requires you to have a functional battery at all times. Aside from age, a lack of maintenance is the biggest factor that will determine how well your battery performs. Keeping your RV’s battery in great shape can be easy when you follow these tips. Check for corrosion Battery corrosion can cause poor connections that might ultimately cause your vehicle not to start. In some cases, it can affect your lights, refrigerator, or other accessories as well. Look for what appears to be a blue or white powder building up around your cables. If present, wear gloves on your hands and gently scrub the corrosion away with a wire brush. Inspect battery connections While checking for corrosion, inspect your battery’s connections to see that they are tight. If any are loose, simply retighten them [...]

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Why Your Boat Should Have An AGM Marine Battery

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are the right choice for your boat. These batteries are more durable and can last year after year when taken care of properly. If it's time to replace your boat battery, you owe it to yourself to check out investing in an AGM marine battery! Boat batteries are of vital importance, especially if you take your craft out onto the open water. The last thing that you want to deal with is engine trouble on open water! Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits of choosing an AGM battery for your boat. The main benefits of AGM boat batteries vs flooded batteries are: - The longevity of these batteries - with proper care and maintenance one AGM battery can outlast 2-3 flooded batteries - Higher power levels - they get the job [...]

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How To Store AGM Batteries

Racing batteries require special considerations when planning for off-season storage. Appropriate race car battery storage helps maintain its charge longer and increase its lifespan, which is good news for you and your budget. When you invest in the best Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery, you would like it to last in good form for as long as possible. While all types of batteries naturally lose some of their charge when sitting dormant over long stretches of time, there are a few suggestions that can help you prolong your AGM batteries. This is advantageous for when you are ready to race again, as it helps ensure that the car will be raring to go with healthy voltage levels. Keep these useful storage tips in mind when it's time to store your AGM battery: 1. Prior to arranging storage, do a thorough [...]

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3 Tips That Will Increase Your AGM Battery Lifespan

Racing car, RV and even boat owners are all switching to AGM batteries due to their many advantages over their flooded battery counterparts. One of these advantages is the durability of AGM batteries, which do not require constant charging. However, how you charge your AGM battery will also play an important role in determining its lifespan. 1. Use factory-recommended chargers AGM batteries are charger-specific. What this means is that each type of AGM battery has its own recommended chargers that have the sufficient voltage to charge them. Regrettably, using the wrong charger may result in short circuit of the battery. A big AGM battery will definitely require a big charger that will be able to match its capacity. The capacity for these AGM batteries and chargers is normally annotated in amperes. You can therefore know which the ideal charger for [...]

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Are AGM batteries for your RV worth the cost?

If you own an RV, you probably put a lot of time and money into it. While you may want to look for ways to save money on certain parts of your vehicle, you shouldn't pinch pennies when it comes to the battery. RV batteries are crucial to the function of your RV. As you search for the right battery, you should consider using an AGM battery. The benefits of using an AGM battery in an RV An Absorbed Glass Mat battery, or AGM battery, is filled with fiberglass matting. The matting is covered with an acid and electrolyte mixture, then packed between the plates of the battery. Because of this design, oxygen and hydrogen combine and replace the water content of the battery. There is less of a need for maintenance than other RV batteries. AGM batteries are not [...]

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Why AGM Batteries Make Better RV Batteries

Let's face it, there is a whole lot to remember when heading out on an RV trip. Between making sure everything is packed, all the toys are properly stored, the water has been topped up and that there's enough propane, the last thing you want to worry about is the battery. Anyone who's ever RV'ed knows someone who's managed to get somewhere only to find that their battery has died. Standard flooded batteries require regular care and attention. It's easy to let them dry out by accident or to forget to properly cycle them to keep them charged. And if they freeze, that's a whole new set of problems. Even with the best intentions and care, they just don't last as long as they should. This is where AGM (absorbent glass mat) batteries can save an RV'er a lot of [...]

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How To Care For Your AGM Battery This Winter

Harsh weather conditions and frigid temperatures can cause havoc on your racing car, including the battery. To ensure that your vehicle’s battery doesn’t develop any issues, learn how to take care of the battery, and enjoy the benefits of the AGM technology. Effect of cold temperatures on AGM batteries Cold temperatures make it more difficult for batteries, starters, and engines to function. Cells have a CAA Cold Cranking Amps rating, and in freezing temperatures, the battery requires as many CAAS as possible to operate. Most batteries struggle to start in the winter weather. How to prevent your batteries from freezing All batteries can freeze in cold temperatures. However, you can prevent your battery from freezing by ensuring that it is always fully charged during winter. If you use the battery sporadically and leave it to discharge during this season, its [...]

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Boat Batteries: Why More People Are Switching To AGM Batteries

Boat batteries have two major functions: starting the engine and powering electrical components. For decades, boaters relied heavily on gel and flooded batteries to accomplish these functions. But that’s changing. Today, many boaters are turning to AGM batteries. Continue reading to find out why. When you’re in the market for a new battery, two factors come to mind: battery application and battery chemistry. Battery application Since batteries have two major applications, boaters often have two options: starting batteries and deep cycle batteries. Starting batteries These batteries are designed to deliver 75-400 amperes for about 5-15 seconds. Starting batteries have numerous thin plates to generate the much-needed amperage. However, they are relatively fragile and cannot withstand deep discharges. As a result, their lifespan is relatively short. Deep cycle batteries Unlike starting batteries, deep cycle batteries rejuvenate fully after heavy discharge because [...]

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Five Reasons Why AGM Batteries Are The Best For Your Boat

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries were initially designed for military use. Their durability in extreme conditions and high performance made them suitable for use in military bases and fields. Over the years, the use of AGM has extended to RV's, boats and racing cars. Here are five reasons why AGM batteries are the most suitable for marine use. 1. AGM batteries are vibration resistant. It is one of the key strengths of the cell. They are, therefore, able to withstand the waves, which are continuously experienced in marine operations and any subsequent damage that may occur as a result of this. 2. They have much better resilience to cycling than flooded batteries. Cycling is the process of fully discharging a battery. This is necessary on a boat while running lights, pumps, and electronics. While cycling typically shortens the lifecycle of [...]

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AGM Battery Safety Handling

An AGM battery is a low maintenance battery that is sealed and valve-regulated. It doesn't require any watering service and can be placed on the side or in an upright position. AGM batteries are also constructed with heavy-duty plates, premium self-sealing valves, top lead connections, and absorbent glass mat separators. These features ensure moisture is retained within the AGM battery during operations. Moreover, it would be best if you did not open the valves in AGM batteries since it relies on a sealed design. Doing so voids the warranty and damages the product. However, while this battery is low-maintenance, it requires a periodic effective charging service and regular inspection to prevent wear and tear. Below are some guidelines that can help you understand the operation, care, and characteristics of AGM batteries to utilize its advantages fully. Inspection and handling 1. [...]

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Everything you need to know about RV batteries

If you’re an RV owner hoping to keep your vehicle in top condition, you will need to learn a few things about its batteries. Indeed, many RV owners are happy to install a battery and pay little attention to its upkeep until it fails a year or so later. What they fail to realize, however, is that deep cycle batteries are designed to last a number of years if they receive adequate care and attention. Read on to find out what you need to know about RV batteries. What exactly are RV batteries? RV batteries are lead-acid batteries. This means that rather than making electricity, they store electricity. An RV battery is typically comprised of lead plates and lead oxide stored in an electrolyte substance made up of sulfuric acid and water. The bigger the lead plates and volume of [...]

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Pros & Cons Of AGM Batteries

Absorbent glass mat batteries (AGM) have been a market favorite for the past few decades. At the time, they were designed to be a viable alternative to the Ni-Cad batteries, which were very costly. Though they were mainly used in military vehicles as a source of back up power and heavy vehicles such as long-distance trucks, nowadays, they have more diversified uses. In principle, the AGM batteries work like any other lead battery. However, the AGM batteries, compared to flooded batteries, have several significant improvements that make them more efficient. Additionally, just like other types of batteries in the market, they have their advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of AGM 1. They are spill-proof Unlike the traditional lead-acid batteries that freely flood their electrodes, AGM batteries have glass mats that prevent this. Additionally, it is the function of these glass mats [...]

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