How to charge 2 RV batteries

When it comes to storing more power in an RV battery, you want to be looking at a battery bank. Not only will this improve the capacity of a battery, but it won’t affect the voltage and amperage. There are several ways to do this and, in this blog, we will outline how to parallel charge 2 RV batteries to create a battery bank.

How are batteries in parallel different from batteries in series?

A battery in series (or a chain of batteries) increases the total voltage without affecting the total capacity. For example, with two 6-volt RV batteries rated at 225 amp-hours, you could have a total voltage of 12 but would still only have a capacity of 225 amp-hours.

A battery in parallel, however, can increase the total capacity without affecting the total voltage. For example, with the same two batteries above in parallel, you could have a capacity of 450 amp-hours while maintaining the same voltage.

How can you charge 2 RV batteries at once?

When wiring batteries, we recommend always using RV batteries of the same size, capacity, and voltage. You should also ensure connecting wires are the same size and that you adjust them with the correct equipment to ensure a secure and safe connection.

To parallel charge 2 RV batteries, you should use one branch of the circuit and charge each unit with a single charger. Do this by connecting the charger by the positive output to the first battery at its positive terminal. Then connect this to the positive terminal of the second battery. Now, do the same for the negative output and terminals.

This creates a parallel circuit and allows you to charge 2 RV batteries at once.

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