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Manufactured entirely by hand, from start to finish and built to Military Specifications. As a family owned and operated US manufacturing facility, we take pride in all of our products. Our quality materials and craftsmanship put us on top in the AGM battery market.  Lifeline® is a powerful name in the battery industry with world class performance and customer service. You can rely on our industry proven durability to get you across the finish line.

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Lifeline Battery Part No.VoltsCranking AmpsRace Cranking Amps
Lifeline 1257TB batteryLL-1257TB AGM Racing BatteryEnlarge Product Image12v600800Details
Lifeline 1236TB batteryLL-1236TB AGM Racing BatteryEnlarge Product Image12v480675Details
Lifeline 16-1240TB Race Car batteryLL-16/1240TB AGM Racing BatteryEnlarge Product Image16/12v9501050Details
Lifeline 1640TB batteryLL-1640TB AGM Racing BatteryEnlarge Product Image16v9501050Details
No Products Found
Lifeline 1257TB batteryLL-1257TB AGM Racing Battery


Lifeline 1236TB batteryLL-1236TB AGM Racing Battery


Lifeline 16-1240TB Race Car batteryLL-16/1240TB AGM Racing Battery


Lifeline 1640TB batteryLL-1640TB AGM Racing Battery


Racing Battery Selection Guidelines and Info

Lifeline Batteries are trusted in countless mission critical applications ranging from US Military, oil gas and mineral mining ops and challenging offshore yacht racing tasks.  It is no wonder that consumers look for the same assurance and reliability of performance for a host of auto racing applications.

There are a multitude of batteries in the marketplace that are marketed as the complete solution for all your battery needs.  The truth is that most lead-acid batteries can perform both cranking and deep-cycle tasks with fair success.  Although some battery manufacturers list ratings that align with Battery Counsel International (BCI) standards to assist in comparing different products, not all manufacturers do.  Lifeline Batteries publishes its’ ratings to BCI standards.  Perhaps the single most important thing to consider when selecting a racing battery is not simply who’s battery has the highest ratings on paper, but who’s battery will provide ample power with the highest reliability for the longest life-span.  Lifeline is synonymous with confidence and assurance of top performance.

Factors the set Lifeline Racing Batteries Apart from its’ Competitors

Lifeline Batteries have passed stringent US Military shock and vibration requirements which will insure product integrity throughout the harsh requirements of auto racing.  All components and materials that go into Lifeline Racing batteries are the same as those used in the aerospace industry by manufacturing facility at Concorde Battery Corporation.  The top three contributing factors to our premium AGM battery success are:  We use a proprietary lead-oxide paste formula that no one has been able to duplicate and is largely responsible for top performing batteries.  Next we make our batteries by hand and weld all plate connections both over the patrician and with an excessive amount of material which insures reliability, endurance and allows close inspection of each connection.  Finally, and unlike any other AGM battery manufacturers, we separate to positive and negative plates with an incredibly durable polyethylene material and fully crimp all edges to eliminate the possibility of a side-short (a common cause of failure in other AGM branded batteries).

AGM Batteries are known for having the lowest internal resistance of the three lead-acid based technologies.  Our robust AGM battery construction facilitates industry leading recharge capabilities without damage or degradation of the battery.  Rapid recharge of the battery is a direct benefit to the competitive racing arena.  Lifeline Racing batteries are designed to deliver ample cranking power along with an industry leading life-span and unmatched reliability.

When making a Racing Battery selection it is most important to not only select a battery capable of meeting your immediate requirements, but one that will accomplish this task for the longest period of time without failure.  Lifeline Racing batteries can be an integral part of your competitive racing goals and accomplishments.

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