The Lifeline Racing Batteries are valve regulated, sealed lead acid (VRSLAB) recombinant gas, 12 volt, advanced glass mat (AGM) racing batteries.

Why are they better? Lifeline Racing Batteries boast industry leading low internal resistance. The lack of resistance allows all of our batteries to discharge harder, faster, and longer without producing heat. This makes our batteries more powerful, able discharge and charge faster, and last longer than conventional batteries. Lifeline Racing batteries routinely provide 20% more power, when matched against similarly sized flooded batteries. Lifeline Racing batteries routinely provide 50% more cranking amps than similarly sized GEL CELL Batteries.

The compact size and high current capability, in conjunction with quick charging and discharging characteristics make our batteries the right choice for your racing electrical systems. Then we package our battery in a light weight, yet tough battery container that meets Military Specifications for aircraft, vibration, and won`t leak. These batteries are even UL listed and the MSDS says they will not start fires. The Lifeline Racing Battery electrical characteristics, and superior battery construction make them the Best battery choice among top racers and racing teams using 12 volt systems.

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Rated Cap. Amps Hours @ 20hr Rate


Length In (mm)

9.78 (248.4)

Width In (mm)

4.97 (126.2)

Height In (mm)

6.38 (175.5)

Weight LB (kg)

31 (14.06)

Race Cranking Amps


Cranking Amps


Cold Cranking Amps