Why use US-manufactured RV batteries in the future?

When you’re looking for a new RV battery for your vehicle, you need to make sure you’re getting the best. This means paying attention to everything from brand to manufacturing method. Learn more about why to use a US-based manufacturer for your RV batteries in the long term.

Manufacturing standards

Here in the US, we’re widely renowned as the RV capital of the world. After all, compared to the caravans of the UK and the VW camper van of Germany, our RVs are glorious machines. That high standard carries over to the quality of our RV batteries. The US has high legal standards for RV battery manufacture, so you know that when you get a battery from a US manufacturer, you’re getting something that will deliver high levels of output for years to come.

Avoid taxes

One of the big benefits of getting your RV battery from the US is the fact you get to avoid import taxes. Depending on where you get your batteries from, there is a range of different taxes on electrical goods and vehicle parts, making importing batteries expensive. Buying from the US means that you only spend what’s on the price tag, giving you more money for your next RV adventure.

Supporting local businesses

Your local community also benefits when you buy from the US. Local companies hire local staff, and local staff pump more money into the local economy. By buying from US-based manufacturers, you improve the lives of those around you, and even yourself. This isn’t exclusive to RV batteries either and is an important thing to remember for any large purchase.

Try Lifeline Batteries

If you’re interested in getting RV batteries you can trust, contact the Lifeline Batteries team today to find out more about our great range of RV and maritime battery options. Our friendly experts make a wide range of high-quality batteries, and our support team can make sure you get all the help you need after your purchase.