Why an AGM Battery is the right choice during a recession

As economic uncertainty continues to pummel the American consumer, it’s only natural to ask whether the type of battery you purchase for your RV is the best bang for your buck. But, as well as trying to spend wisely, you don’t want to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery. That’s why it’s important to pick something you know is going to last. Take a look at Absorbent Glass Matt (AGM) battery technology.

AGM batteries belong to the lead-acid battery category. What differentiates them, however, is that between the battery plates is a fiberglass mesh. This serves to contain the electrolytes, separating them from the battery plates.

The Advantages

The overall design of the AGM battery presents several advantages to the consumer. First, whereas the standard automotive battery might last up to just over a year, an AGM battery can last anywhere between 4 and 7 years.

Second, the battery is able to deep cycle, having been nearly drained, quite regularly with no issues. A standard automotive battery is not designed to withstand this kind of usage. (https://auto.howstuffworks.com/question219.htm)

The Benefits

What all of this means to you, the adventurous RV owner, is that you can rest easy out on the open road knowing that you picked the right battery technology to get you and your loved ones from Point A to B safely and securely. And given how long the AGM battery lasts, you can spend that money you would have spent on a new battery if you had gone with an inferior model on something else you might need or want for your trip.

Want some extra snacks or a nice meal out? Or how about staying somewhere warm for the evening instead to give yourself a break from the RV? Budget for an AGM battery this time around. You’ll be glad you did.

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