When is it time to replace your RV battery?

RV batteries typically last anywhere from five to seven years. If you are nearing that seven-year mark you may want to start thinking about RV battery replacement. If your RV has a switch to disconnect the batteries you can do that when you store it and prolong the battery life. If not, simply disconnect the batteries while in storage although in either case you still need to do routine maintenance on the batteries to maintain their charge. If you believe you are noticing some battery-related problems, read on. You might need to make the change a little early. 


Here are some of the most common indicators that it is time to replace your RV batteries.

The battery is discharging faster than normal.

If it seems like your battery is losing power faster than normal, that is a pretty good indicator. Check your charge periodically and keep track of any fluctuations or drops in charge. If it seems like it is draining even when not in use, don’t change it. Replace it.

The voltage drop is greater than normal when using your appliances.

This could be because the cables are damaged, corroded, or loose, but many times it simply means that your RV battery is reaching or has reached the end of its life. Check the connections and clean them if needed. In the end, it may be better to go ahead and replace the battery. You don’t want it to die, leaving you stranded.

The battery has been through a LOT of charge/recharge cycles.

RV batteries are rechargeable but that is still hard on a battery. Look at how many times you have charged and recharged it. Numerous charges could also coincide with the battery dropping the charge or not charging as efficiently. Watch it closely. It is better to replace it before you need a replacement.

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