When can you use a 6 volt RV battery?

If you’ve recently purchased a new recreational vehicle, you may be wondering if you can use a 6-volt RV battery. These products are designed to produce around half the voltage of a 12-volt battery, but the specific voltage varies slightly from one product to another.

While you may be wondering if you can use two 6-volt batteries instead of a singular 12-volt battery, the answer to that question depends on the type of vehicle you have. Here’s what you need to know to decide if a 6-volt battery is right for you:

Smaller RVs may take a 6-volt battery

If you have a small RV, you may be able to use a 6-volt battery instead of one that generates 12 volts. However, many RVs do require a full 12 volts, but it’s possible to use two 6-volt batteries together to generate enough electricity.

You can use a 6-volt battery in addition to a 12-volt battery

In some cases, you’ll need to use a 6-volt battery in addition to a 12-volt battery, which will generate 18 volts of electricity. You may need to do this if you have certain types of large recreational vehicles.

Many large RVs use diesel fuel. This does not combust as easily as gasoline. As a result, you may need to use a 6-volt battery along with a 12-volt battery in an engine that runs on diesel fuel. Furthermore, some electric RVs require both a 6 and 12-volt RV battery.

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