What you need to know about RV batteries

RVs are the perfect vehicle for enjoying a family adventure, exploring the country and making great memories. If you own an RV, it is important that you have up-to-date knowledge of RV batteries. Understanding the basics of how your RV batteries work will allow you to maintain and even improve their life, saving you money in the long-run. To learn more about RV batteries, continue reading.

What are RV batteries?

The batteries used in RVs are lead acid batteries. Therefore, they have a few cells connected together in series, each producing around 2.1 volts. This means that a battery with 12 volts and 6 cells will produce 12.6 volts. Lead acid batteries hold electricity rather than producing it. Made from plates, the lead and lead oxide are submerged in electrolyte that is 64% water and 36% sulfuric acid.

Using the right type of battery

Using the wrong type of RV battery can damage your vehicle. RVs use a starting battery which is used to start the engine and a house battery which supplies 12 volts to the RV itself. Starting batteries are made up of thin plans which is what provides a large amount of current in short bursts. They shouldn’t be used for deep cycle applications, and they are rated in Cold Cranking Amps.

House batteries, on the other hand, do need to be deep cycle batteries. This is because they need to provide a constant amount of current for a longer period of time. They have thicker plates and are made to be repeatedly recharged and discharged.

Life expectancy

The life expectancy of RV batteries depends on how they are maintained, stored, discharged and recharged. An important part of battery life is how deep the battery is cycled after every charge. Therefore, if the battery is discharged down to 50% every day, it will last longer than if it were cycled to 80%. The sooner your battery is recharged, the longer it will last.

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