What types of vehicle need a battery that generates more than 12 volts?

Although most vehicles only need a 12-volt battery, some engines will require more voltage. However, it’s often best to use an additional battery rather than getting one that generates more than 12 volts. Here’s what you need to know about the uses of batteries that generate more than 12 volts:

1. Cars and trucks

It’s extremely rare for an everyday car or truck to require anything stronger than a 12-volt battery. In fact, only around 1% of all batteries that are larger than 12 volts are used in automobiles.

However, for racing cars, 16-volt batteries are available that have been specifically designed for the rigorous cranking demands of the racing industry.

Diesel cars and trucks

Diesel does not ignite as easily as gasoline, which means that a compression system is required to produce combustion. This process requires more energy, so you may something stronger than a 12-volt battery to power this type of system.

2. Heavy equipment engines

Heavy equipment often requires a battery with greater voltage, and there are two reasons for this. The first is that heavy equipment tends to run on diesel, as explained above. Also, bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks, and other large pieces of heavy equipment have larger engines than automobiles. Some of them have more pistons than a typical car engine too, so more energy is needed to generate a spark.

3. Boats

In many cases, you’ll need a 24-volt battery for a trolling motor, but it’s also possible to use two 12-volt batteries. However, a 24-volt battery will often be more affordable than two 12-volt batteries.

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