What makes racing batteries so important?

The world of racing cars is becoming more and more rooted in technology and perfect engineering. Whether it’s the brute force approach taken by NASCAR, the need for long-life components in LMP-1 and other Endurance classes, or the intensely technical and precise components in a Formula 1 car, all of these rely on good batteries and electrical deployment to be successful. Here are just a few reasons racing batteries are vital and are likely to become more so in the future.

Energy Deployment Systems

One major part of the power units in modern racing cars is the electrical side of the power unit. Hybrids are becoming more and more common in a variety of racing series, and these hybrid cars need good electrical systems to get their drivers to the top of the pack. Although this is an issue in very specific racing series, it is vital to the drivers that their cars are exactly where they need to be. In these races, a faulty battery might as well put you completely out of the race.

They’re needed for the most basic operations

Just picture this. The final race of the championship and the cars are lining up to start. Moments until the green light, and the driver on pole can’t set off. Just like in your car at home, a race car needs racing batteries to start and keep ticking over and, without these batteries, they can’t drive at all. Without a fully operational battery to start, you’ll end up missing out on races. With championships getting tighter and tighter, missed races could be fatal to your aspirations.


In theory, you could put a regular car or RV battery into your racing car and hope that it does the job. However, racing batteries are finely refined and tuned to ensure maximum performance at minimum weight. Without the perfect racing car battery, a racer has put themselves at a big disadvantage from the start. In a world where a thousandth of a second makes the difference, you need to have every advantage you can get.

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