What happens if you drop a vehicle battery?

If you’re getting a new battery, you might be wondering what would happen if you dropped it. While a fall can certainly damage a battery, high-quality batteries are designed to be exceptionally durable, and this makes them less likely to be damaged from a fall. Here are a few features that can make batteries less susceptible to damage from falls:

Some batteries don’t have a reservoir of liquid battery acid in them

Most batteries contain a reservoir of acid in liquid form. If you drop this type of battery, the acid inside could be spilt if the casing breaks. If the acid spills on to your skin, you could be injured.

However, some products use an absorbent glass mat to contain the acid. Even if the casing breaks, very little acid will spill out of these products. That’s because the glass mat essentially soaks it up like a sponge.

High-quality battery casings are designed to be crack-resistant

Many cheap batteries have thin, fragile casings. So, if you drop them, the exterior is likely to crack. This increases the chance that you’ll need to repair or replace your battery, but thicker casings make batteries less likely to be damaged by a fall.

Shock resistance can protect batteries from falls

Shock-resistant batteries are less likely to be damaged by a fall. The plates and terminals of batteries with this feature are designed to withstand an impact.

A high-quality battery will be covered by a warranty

If your battery is covered by a warranty, costs that are associated with repairing or replacing it will be covered. However, many manufacturers do not offer this protection.

Why you should choose an AGM battery from Lifeline

Our batteries are covered by a comprehensive warranty, and every battery that we offer has a durable, shock-resistant casing. Furthermore, the plates and terminals in our batteries are shock-resistant, and all AGM batteries use an absorbent glass mat as an alternative to a liquid acid reservoir. We do everything that we can to ensure that our batteries are resistant to damage from falls. So, get in touch with us or buy one of our products today!