Unexpected benefits of replacing your vehicle battery before it dies

When it comes to car battery life, most of us don’t pay much attention until it’s too late. However, for recreational vehicle and marine vehicle batteries, the stakes can be much higher. When you’re out on the water or in the deep woods, getting assistance for a dead battery may be easier said than done. As a vehicle battery’s life can average 4 years under ideal conditions, it’s important to know why you should consider replacing your battery before it’s no longer able to charge.

The warning signs that you might need to replace your battery

It’s very important to be able to recognize some of the indications that your battery may be ending its service life. This will not only let you know when you should replace your battery, but also when a replacement is not yet necessary or economical. Some signs that you may need to shop for a new battery include:

– Swelling in the battery casebenefits
– Low battery fluid level or leakage
– Check engine lights or other dashboard problems
– Need to crank ignition more than once to start the engine
– Odd smells coming through the cooling/heating system
– Signs of stains or corrosion near the battery connections
– Vehicle use is infrequent or only for short trips
– Age of the original battery is 3 or more years

Testing or inspection of the battery that has any of these indications will be able to determine whether or not it needs to be replaced, but if you do opt to purchase a replacement, it can have some unexpected benefits to the operation of your vehicle.

Unexpected benefits of a new RV or marine vehicle battery

– Easier operation in extreme temperatures
– Maintains structural integrity of other vehicle parts such as the head gasket or engine thermostat
– Extends service life of the alternator
– Allows battery to reach full charge even during infrequent or short vacation operation
– Makes it easier to charge personal mobile devices on the move
– Enables operation of integrated entertainment devices without burning fuel

If you’re interested in learning more about how our high-quality vehicle batteries can make your vacation excursion safer, more secure, and most importantly more fun, contact the team at Lifeline Batteries today.