Trading up the RV Battery: AGM Batteries on the Recreational Road

Although the absorbent glass mat battery (AGM) is technically a wet battery, as they still have acid inside them, they’re made with a sealed construction. That very construction is what has them dubbed the “maintenance free” battery, as they don’t need to be maintained in the sense of adding water to them as the traditional wet battery requires in order to hold a charge. Of course, being on the road with a maintenance-free battery sounds absolutely ideal, so why wouldn’t the AGM battery be the perfect choice for RV owners everywhere?

Fast Recharging, Long Life, and No Need for Maintenance

In theory, the AGM battery is exactly what an RV owner would desire in a battery. Not only is the AGM a faster charging battery than the typical wet battery, but it also ensures an increased number of vehicle starts per charge. The durable construction that ensures they are maintenance-free batteries also holds up against any other unforeseeable incident while out on the open road. They are also much lighter than the old wet battery often seen in RV use and are overall, a longer-lasting option for the average RV owner.

The 50% Rule

Of course, with every product, there are a few points to consider before making a long-term purchase. AGM batteries do have a quicker recharge process. However, when dealing with absorbent glass mat batteries, you should not use them beyond the point of 50% discharged because it is hard on the battery. When regularly used beyond 50% charge prior to recharging, your AGM battery will not recharge as quickly, and it will begin to drain much more rapidly during regular use.

Look after your AGM battery

Although they are called a “maintenance free” battery, like every other product on the market, there is always some level of maintenance involved in owning any battery. Proper storage, proper charging, and the use of the manufacturer’s suggested charging devices do a great deal to ensure that your AGM battery will perform as expected. Ensuring that your AGM battery is properly stored, charged, and handled will guarantee the full lifespan and proper functionality for your AGM battery, and help you see more of the road in your RV.