The best RV batteries you can get that run at 6 volts

When you’re on the road in your RV, you want to make sure that your batteries offer all the power you need, even at low voltages. Read on to learn some of the best RV batteries you can get that run at 6 volts, and what sets them apart from the competition.

Optima Batteries 6V RedTop Starting Battery

Optima is regarded as one of the best battery brands on the market, and it is easy to see why. High-quality materials mean that battery leakage is very rare with these batteries, and recharge times are as low as an hour. It is highly resistant to temperature change too, making it a great candidate for any RV adventures into the desert or the wintery wilderness. For a high-end option you can trust, this Optima battery is almost essential.

Trojan T-105 6V Deep Cycle Battery

The Trojan T-105 is from a less well-regarded manufacturer than the challenger from Optima, but it comes with as deep a range of qualities and features. This compact battery provides incredibly consistent power for 20 hours on just one charge and is a more affordable option than some of the more premium batteries on the market. With proprietary T2 technology hard at work, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a budget option better than this.

Mighty Max Battery 6V Battery

Although a more expensive option, the Mighty Max is a battery built for rugged use. Built for 600 cycles with 50% DoD, this battery deals with the biggest challenges RV travelling has to offer. The long service life of this battery means that even when travelling long distances, it offers reliable power output for your home away from home. Although it’s relatively heavy and not the most portable, the sturdiness of this battery makes it incredible value for money.

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