Superior battery performance you can trust, even on cold weather RV trips

While some RV enthusiasts prefer not to travel during the colder months, there are many who embrace the winter season. The rewards are many, such as fewer crowds and direct access to outdoor activities such as snowshoeing and back-country skiing. A reliable and robust RV battery is the top essential you need to make winter trips a reality.

If you are looking for a battery to fully power your RV lifestyle, even in the cold winter months, look no further than absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries. Here are some ways that AGM batteries deliver superior performance over flooded lead acid batteries.

A battery that delivers

When you get back from exploring the winter landscape, what could be better winter RV accessories than an electric blanket or space heater? Make sure you have an AGM battery onboard your recreational vehicle. This type of battery is ideal for RV owners because they deliver high current on-demand and have a longer life than flooded lead acid batteries. For example, our GPL-U1T AGM battery has 275 cold-cranking amps at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Performance by design

AGM batteries are a natural choice for recreational vehicle owners who want a high level of power that they can depend on in the winter. A specialized fiberglass mat inside the battery absorbs the sulfuric acid inside, providing comparable performance to flooded batteries while being lighter than their counterparts. AGM batteries’ sandwich-like construction enables their vibration resistance, and the sealed hand-made batteries are spill-proof.

Fast charging and low maintenance

Our AGM batteries charge up to five times faster than a flooded lead acid battery, stand up well to deep cycling, and can hold their charge longer. While regular acid RV batteries need a charge top up about every six months to avoid sulfation, AGM batteries are not as prone to sulfation and can hold charge for a longer time in storage.

We are proud to make our AGM batteries in the U.S.A. and supply them to the armed forces of the United States. Our company uses the same uncompromising process to hand make our products for recreational vehicle enthusiasts.