RV Batteries Wired in Series: How to tell if Your RV Battery is Bad – and What to Do About it

Do you regularly go for vacations in your RV? Are you considering purchasing one? If so, you might be wondering the aspects you need to pay attention to for optimal RV performance. The RV batteries are crucial components of your RV, and many people don’t know that it’s important to check them regularly. Doing so will help determine if the batteries can effectively run the RV or if they need replacement.

Below are a few tips on checking the functioning of the RV batteries wired in series and a guide on the troubleshooting process.

How to check the RV battery’s functioning

• Plug your RV to the wall and wait for the battery to charge.
• Check the RV’s charge light to see if it’s on.
• When the light is green, the RV battery is charging. If the light is yellow or orange, the RV battery is low and needs to be replaced.
• Check the RV’s electrical system. Signs of corrosion indicate a need to clean or replace the batteries. Additionally, ensure that the electrical system has no shorts or incomplete connections that might affect the RV batteries from functioning.
• Check the RV’s air conditioning. A faulty air conditioner might be a sign of defective batteries.

How to fix an RV battery if it doesn’t work

The first step is to check the voltage. A voltage below the marked level might indicate the need to replace the batteries. You can also check the temperature of your RV battery by taking the necessary readings. Too high or too low temperatures are signs of faulty batteries that need replacement. The duration of battery use might also help you decide whether to replace them. Finally, if all of these tests don’t help, you might want to take your RV for a service visit.

Generally, the battery’s lifespan is determined by the charger used to charge it. Make sure to choose one compatible with your RV’s electrical outlet that can handle large RV batteries. Note that you must charge new batteries to full charge before using them for optimal results.