Myths About AGM Batteries

An Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) is a lead-acid battery that is superior to traditional batteries and can support the high electrical demands of today’s racing cars. AGM technology is specially designed to resist vibration and is maintenance-free and non-spillable.

AGM batteries are better than regular batteries because of the many benefits they offer, including;

• They are highly durable, thus, have a longer life span
• They can handle high electric loads
• They have a greater mounting flexibility
• They recharge quickly
• They are designed to withstand demanding conditions and harsh climates

AGM batteries pack a lot of power in them for their size and weight, thus, shaving a few pounds off your car. Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions about AGM batteries that affect their use and maintenance.

Here are some of the myths associated with AGM technology you should watch out for when purchasing a battery.

1. You can charge AGM batteries using a regular battery charger

This is false as AGM battery chargers have microprocessors that collect data from the battery to adjust the voltage and current appropriately. Other charges have different settings for charging AGM batteries that are flooded, and overcharging can kill the batteries.

Many race car owners also assume that alternators are chargers when they aren’t. Therefore, ensure you use AGM chargers to charge your battery, and if it doesn’t start because of discharge, use a charger as soon as possible.

2. AGM batteries can be tested the same way as conventional batteries

This is false as AGM batteries have a lower internal resistance; thus, old capacitance battery testers may not accurately read them. New battery testers have a special mode for AGM technology, and they can provide conclusive results as compared to older models.

Separating the truth from myths allows you to understand how AGM batteries work and their benefits to you as a race car driver. AGM batteries not only offer superior performance but also have a glass mat separator that delivers unprecedented energy output. Additionally, the AGM battery is highly efficient for car racing as it eliminates acid spilling during an accident.

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