Mind-blowing facts about AGM batteries

Demand for low-maintenance goods and services is being driven through the roof by our busy lives, and batteries are no exception. Since we prefer replacing batteries as infrequently as possible, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries are a perfect fit for this category. Unlike regular flooded batteries, the positive and negative plates in AGM batteries are separated by fine fiberglass mats into which the electrolyte solution is absorbed.

Instead of being vented, the AGM battery cover is sealed, and safety rubber valves are installed to prevent case damage when they overcharge. AGM batteries are manufactured in a vast range of sizes to replace almost all RV batteries, marine batteries, racing batteries, as well as other batteries in automotive and powersport footprints with similar or even greater performance.

Why AGM battery adoption is taking precedence

Vehicles are changing

As vehicle technology advances, a change in battery technology to power these changes is crucial. AGM batteries have no potential for acid leakage, they offer high reliability and optimal performance, and most importantly, they’re manufactured using state-of-the-art technology for tomorrow’s vehicles.

Extended lifespan, even in extreme conditions

With an AGM battery at hand, you’ll get worry-free dependable operation in today’s highly demanding applications. Even in extremely cold weather, your car will start reliably due to improved electrical flow. During hot weather, its unique design resists deterioration, which ensures stable voltage and longer life cycle support. These batteries also recharge faster to reduce failures.

Essential for start-stop ready technology

When a vehicle stops, at stop-and-go traffic or anywhere, it’s the start-stop technology that shuts the engine off and quickly restarts it when the brake pedal is released or when the clutch is engaged. Such tasks require robust batteries that can support many starts per trip to power electrical loads after the engine shuts down. AGM batteries are the preferred solution for this technology, and they deliver the required endurance and power.

Safety in performance and design

With a non-spillable design, AGM batteries don’t leak during installation or transportation. In the event of a crash, they are also considered the safest lead-acid batteries. As vehicles become more autonomous — self-driving, self-braking, and self-parking — it’s vital to have a reliable battery that will never fail when you need it!

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