Luxury auto makers and AGM batteries

If you drive a Mercedes-Benz or a BMW, chances are you’re already familiar with AGM batteries. This is because AGM batteries excel in luxury car applications, notorious for their electronics and battery power use. So what do luxury automakers know about AGM batteries that the rest of us need to know? Let’s examine why AGM batteries are a superb choice for powering your luxury automobile.

Batteries designed for extreme performance

AGM batteries were originally developed for use in military aircraft and military vehicles. They were designed to push maximum power into machines that demand extreme performance parts, like tanks and Humvees. Naturally, if a battery can take that type of abuse, automakers need to own a slice of that technology. These days, you can find AGM batteries in everything from solar power battery banks to ATVs, golf carts, Harley Davidsons, and boats. It seems that anywhere you demand performance from a machine, there is an AGM battery providing the power to operate the electronics on board.

Mercedes-Benz has been using AGM batteries in their vehicles since the early 2000s, around the same time BMW began recommending AGM battery use in their vehicles. Many luxury auto owners have found that when they take their vehicle in to an authorized service provider for a battery change, they are replaced with AGM batteries if they aren’t currently outfitted with an AGM.

Invest in an AGM charger

One of the few drawbacks reported about the switch to the AGM battery is the fact that you cannot charge them on a regular flooded cell battery charger. They do require you to purchase and use an AGM battery charger, so that is an additional expense you will incur if you’re expecting to make the switch to an AGM battery. However, with the additional battery life achieved in switching to an AGM battery, it is well worth the investment. It may convince you to upgrade the batteries in your other high-power draw vehicles, including boats, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles. One last hit in the pro column is AGM batteries can be stored on their ends if you’re short on storage; they don’t spill acid everywhere and can be stacked to fit in that back corner of the garage if need be.