How to test if your AGM battery is faulty at home

Absorbed Glass Mat batteries can become worn out or faulty due to consistent use. As a battery owner, you need to know how to troubleshoot your battery to preempt any damage that could inconvenience you. Here are three easy ways to test a faulty battery at home.

1. Physical inspection of the battery’s appearance

You can easily spot a fault in your battery by simply taking a good look at it. If it is defective, you might identify discoloration, bulging in the case, a broken terminal, or a ruptured case. Such damages can cause a short circuit, which would later lead to the melting of the cells. In worst-case scenarios, your battery could explode while you are driving. Earlier detection of such discrepancies could help avert further damage to your battery.

2. Read the battery’s voltage

You can use data you get from the battery’s voltage tests to gauge its health and all you need is a lead-test meter. it should read 12.4 volts for a healthy battery. If yours is reading 0 volts, there are chances that it has had a short circuit. However, if it fails to go higher than 10.5 volts after a full charge, chances are it has a dead cell or two. Additionally, if it is fully charged but the reading on the lead-test meter is equal to or less than 12.4 volts, it shows that the battery is sulfated. This is usually a red flag and is a sign of severe damage.

3. Listen for clicks

When you turn on your ignition, your car should give a lively roar which immediately settles into a purr. If it produces a “click” sound instead, it indicates a faulty battery. This click might not mean that it immediately needs a replacement, but you should have a mechanic check it out regardless. Mostly, this sound is produced when there is a severe problem with your car, and chances are it is the solenoid or the starter motor. To test if the source of the issue is the starter and not the battery, switch on the headlights and stereo which depend wholly on the battery’s charge. If they can be switched on, then your battery is okay and you just need to replace the starter.