How to take care of your rv batteries over winter

Anyone who is going on a long-distance trip this season should know that RV batteries have to be charged and discharged, so you need to make sure they are in good condition when the time comes to start driving again. There are several ways to ensure your battery stays healthy when winter sets in, but one of the most important steps is charging them ahead of time.

How to take care of your RV batteries

Take a look at the electrolyte level in each battery and make sure it’s between the levels indicated on the battery case. If it is too high, add distilled water until it is between those lines. It’s important to keep batteries well-maintained because they hold more charge when they are at their recommended levels. Although you should do this every fall before storage, check your battery cables and clean them as necessary. Wipe the terminals with a cloth and store them safely. Your RV battery is an important part of your vehicle, so do everything you can to keep it working properly and ready to go.

Battery Storage

If you’ll be storing your vehicle over the winter, be sure to set it up to run at least once per month so that your RV batteries are always being charged. Charge each battery separately and make sure that the computers in all of the batteries are programmed accurately before storage.

Cold weather interferes with your RV battery maintenance

You can bring RV batteries indoors before the cold weather sets in, lock them away from direct sunlight, and cover them with blankets or plastic sheets. Batteries that are stored outside will be damaged by winter weather, so it’s best to keep them indoors until spring. Other signs that your batteries need to be taken inside include low voltage when they’re charged and start-up problems when they’re started.

The best time to charge your RV’s batteries

Most battery manufacturers recommend charging batteries at a constant 70 degrees temperature for the best results. If your home isn’t warm enough, bring them inside and use a battery warmer or an RV battery tender. They will keep your batteries at the same level until spring, which will allow you to drive safely in the winter months. Remember that it’s better to have some extra power available during winter than always have an empty battery. Contact us today to get your RV battery for the winter.