How to install 2 RV batteries

If you’re looking to get more juice out of your RV, you might want to consider installing 2 batteries. This additional utility means that you’re less likely to run out of power from running multiple appliances and keeps your RV running for longer. In this article, we are going to outline how to install 2 RV batteries so that you can safely perform this relatively straightforward RV upgrade.

Step 1: Acquire 2 RV batteries

First things first, you’ll need to source 2 RV batteries. Depending on your setup, you might be looking at group 27 or 29 deep cycle batteries for regular usage but for more power, you may need more capacity.

We advise buying two brand new RV batteries so that you can get the most out of them. Used batteries may seem like a deal, but if they can’t hold a charge for long they’re useless. Also, using an old and new battery combined is a bad idea since it can create a current loop that only uses the new battery.

Step 2: Disconnect old batteries

You will need to remove the old battery by unscrewing it from the negative and positive battery clamps. Remember to remove the negative clamp first and when you start replacing the battery, make sure that the negative clamps are connected last. This will avoid any short circuits.

Step 3: Attach new batteries

Affix the new batteries in their locations and connect them in parallel with one another. It should go positive to positive and negative to negative.

The positive lead from the RV should be connected to the positive terminal of the first battery. Then connect the two positives with the charger wire and secure the clamps. Repeat this process for the negative posts.

Step 4: Check there is sufficient air around the batteries

It is important that your new RV batteries are ventilated and there is enough air around them. This prevents the accumulation of hydrogen which can cause some serious problems. With enough of a hydrogen build-up, the residue could ignite and explode. So make sure there is good ventilation around the batteries to avoid this catastrophe.