How to get your RV ready for summer adventures

After a seemingly endless winter, the warmer summer months have finally arrived. If you are preparing to take your RV on a summer adventure, there are a few tasks you must complete to check your RV is in the best condition for traveling during the summer months and to ensure it did not experience any damage whilst in storage over the winter season.

1. Check the tire pressure

Ensure you carefully check the pressure and condition of your tires. Look for any damage to the tires and press them firmly. If some feel more deflated than others, ensure you fill the deflated tires with air before you begin a long road trip or journey. You should also tighten the lug nuts on your tires, to ensure they are safe to drive.

2. Test your appliances

Gas appliances can be difficult to switch on after months or weeks of being out of use. Air may have become trapped in your gas line during winter, so ensure you begin your tests by turning on your gas task and switching on your gas appliances. You should also check your electrical appliances and keep some amenities, such as your fridge/freezer switched on so it is cool and ready for your next trip.

3. Flush your water system

It is an old and effective RV trick to put anti-freeze in your water tank to stop your pipes and pump from freezing over winter. Anti-freeze, however, is not safe for human consumption and must be completely flushed from your system. There are multiple ways you can flush your water system, for example, one popular method is to add a gallon of water and bleach to your water system for 24 hours and then drain the system entirely before adding new, clean water.

4. Check your battery

You must check whether your battery is dead before starting any summer adventure, or your plans will become quickly delayed. If you require a new battery, AGM batteries are ideal for RVs as they can be used as both a deep cycle and starting battery. AGM batteries have a high reserve capacity and can last the life cycle of 3 CVE batteries, making them an ideal investment.

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