How long do AGM batteries last?

If you’re getting a new battery, you might be wondering how long it will last. Luckily, you can count on AGM batteries to last longer than most other batteries on the market. Here’s what you need to know about how long you can expect our products to last:

If you properly maintain them, you can expect them to last for around four years

A properly maintained AGM battery usually lasts somewhere between three and four years, but this depends on the amount that you use it. Also, the amount that you drive your vehicle plays a role in how long the battery will last.

Furthermore, the batteries in an electric car will probably need to be replaced more often than ones in other vehicles. That’s because electric cars use their battery to store energy to power the vehicle, which subjects them to more wear and tear than ones in a conventional car or truck.

Why AGM battery products last longer than other batteries on the market

Leaks can cause batteries not to last as long as you were expecting them to. However, AGM technology can prevent a leak from developing, which can increase the lifespan of our products. That’s because our AGM batteries use an absorbent glass mat to wick battery acid to the plates, which means that there is no reservoir of acid that can be spilt if the casing gets cracked.

Your climate also impacts the lifespan of your battery

If you live in a cold climate or an area where there tends to be a lot of temperature fluctuations, your battery is likely to have a reduced lifespan. However, long periods of extremely high temperatures can cause deterioration of your battery as well. Also, if you live in a region that receives a lot of rainfall, you can expect to see more corrosion at the terminals of your battery.

How can you make sure that your battery lasts as long as possible?

Make sure that you always discharge your battery at least 20% before recharging it, and do not let the charge go below 50%. Also, it’s very important to always avoid full cycle charging (e.g. charging from zero to 100%).