How can you avoid overcharging AGM batteries?

If you are charging an AGM battery, it’s important to avoid overcharging it. Your battery could be ruined if you overcharge it. Not only that but overcharging a battery can even cause the acid inside it to begin to boil. Here’s how you can avoid overcharging our batteries:

AGM batteries are more likely to be overcharged in the summer

Due to the higher air temperatures during the summer, the temperature of the acid inside of the battery will be highest during this part of the year. As a result, it will not take as much of an increase in the temperature of the acid for the battery to become overcharged.

Use the correct voltage

Different battery chargers use different voltages, and it’s important to make sure that you choose the charging voltage that’s right for your product. Luckily, all of the batteries that we sell mention their charging voltage on the label. Furthermore, each AGM battery product has its charger, which makes it easier to ensure that you are using the right voltage for your battery.

Realize that improper use of the charger outside of your vehicle can increase the risk of overcharging

If you are charging the battery outside of the car, it is especially important to take precautions to avoid overcharging. This can happen much more easily when the battery is outside of the vehicle, which makes it even more important to test your battery charger.

Regularly test your charger

While our recommended chargers tend to be very reliable, it’s still important to test them now and then. Occasionally, a charger can become faulty, which can result in the wrong voltage being used to charge your battery. Luckily, our chargers are designed to be easy to test.

If temperatures are extremely high during the day, charge the battery at night

Overcharging can be hard to avoid when temperatures are extremely high, and one way to avoid charging your battery in extremely hot conditions is to charge it at night instead of during the day. While this is not always practical, it’s often the safest way to recharge your battery during hot summer weather.