Charging a marine battery with a battery charger

Imagine you are spending the day out on the water. As the sun starts to set, you decide it is time to head back to your campsite. Unfortunately, your marine battery has lost its charge and you are left stranded. The best way to avoid a situation such as this is to know how to properly charge your marine battery.

Carefully check your battery

Boat batteries are usually located in a spot on the vessel that is not easily accessible, thus they are exposed to dust and other particles. For this reason, before you charge your battery, you will need to make sure it is properly cleaned and ready to put on the charger.

First, switch off the battery and remove it from the box. Next, you will need to check the terminals and connections. Make sure they are free of any dirt or corrosion. Now, you are ready to charge your marine battery.

Portable vs. onboard charger

You can use two different chargers when charging boat batteries: an onboard charger and a portable charger. A portable charger makes it possible to charge your battery wherever you like. It is easy to carry and inexpensive.

While an onboard charger is more expensive, it may provide a better connection than some of the lower-quality portable chargers. This type of charger has to be permanently wired into your boat. However, it is easy to use and hassle-free.

Connecting to the charger

The first step is to connect the clips of the charger to the battery terminals. Once the clips are properly connected, switch the battery on so it can begin to charge. If you are using a smart charger, you will be able to check the LED screen to make certain that the battery is charging correctly.

Removing the battery from the charger

Once your marine battery is fully charged, quickly switch it off. Next, disconnect the charger clips from the battery terminals. Finally, return the battery to the box and replace the top cover. Now you have a fully charged marine battery and you can enjoy as much time on the water as you like without worry.

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