Are RV batteries sealed?

There are several types of batteries that can be used in an RV. This includes AGM batteries, gel batteries, and lithium batteries. However, if you’re on this page, you’re probably wondering about which of these batteries is best for your RV and whether or not they’re sealed! Let’s take a look.

AGM batteries

AGM batteries are sometimes used in RVs as they’re resistant to vibrations due to their sandwich construction. This means that they’re a lot less likely to give out on you, making them perfect for the many miles you cover in an RV. They’re also great at performing even in low temperatures, making them the ideal fit if you wish to take your RV road trip across the border to Canada, for example. In addition to this, they don’t give off any gas, so you can charge them safely inside your motorhome.

This kind of RV battery is sealed, meaning that it doesn’t spill. However, they can be susceptible to overcharging, so be careful of this as it can damage the battery.

Gel batteries

Gel batteries are another favorite that is commonly used in an RV as it’s sealed, meaning that they cannot be spilled. However, they can be rather tricky to maintain as not only do they require a specific charger, but they’re also much slower to charge up when compared to alternative batteries.

Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are used in an RV as they promise a long life, and they require no maintenance at all, so you have one thing less to worry about once you’re on the open road. They’re also a practical choice in that they charge efficiently, and offer high performance once their capacity has been reached.

Within a lithium battery, each individual cell is sealed. However, they can be rather expensive to replace, so if your RV uses lithium batteries, you need to take special care of them.

For more information on whether RV batteries are sealed and which one is best for your motorhome, contact Lifeline Batteries today.