Are RV batteries 12-volt?

If you have ever wondered, ‘are all RV batteries 12 volts?’, then this article is for you. Although it may seem like the majority of RV batteries are 12-volt, the reality is that there are other types of RV batteries on the market.

12-volt RV batteries are one of the most common types of battery for RVs because they work so well with motorhomes and travel trailers. A 6-volt RV battery works well for smaller equipment found on the RV, but rarely as an RV battery.

Below, we are going to look at the three most common types of RV batteries. They are all available as either a 6-volt RV battery or a 12-volt RV battery.

Conventional flooded electrolyte (CVE) batteries

CVE RV batteries are incredibly common and used in all types of RV setups. They are available in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and specifications, allowing for their widespread availability. They require little maintenance but may need to be filled with water to replenish the electrolytes.

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries

AGM batteries are an excellent RV battery because they allow for deep cycle use and can act as a starting battery too. They are designed with a fiberglass partition that stores electrolytes for charging. They are incredibly durable RV batteries and don’t suffer from issues like corrosion. They are also really simple to install, mount into an RV, and hold a significant charging capacity. Due to their excellent design, they have excellent lifespans and will outperform a CVE battery in most cases.

Gel batteries

Gel batteries use an innovative design to generate power as an RV battery. A series of valves are used to mix electrolytes with a blend of silica and sulphuric acid. When mixed, a gel substance is created that can then work similarly to a standard lead-acid battery. A gel RV battery is an excellent choice because it is so simple to install and they require next to no maintenance. Thanks to their gel composition, you don’t need to top it up with water like a CVE battery.