5 tips for maintaining your RV’s battery

Getting the most out of your RV requires you to have a functional battery at all times. Aside from age, a lack of maintenance is the biggest factor that will determine how well your battery performs. Keeping your RV’s battery in great shape can be easy when you follow these tips.

Check for corrosion

Battery corrosion can cause poor connections that might ultimately cause your vehicle not to start. In some cases, it can affect your lights, refrigerator, or other accessories as well. Look for what appears to be a blue or white powder building up around your cables. If present, wear gloves on your hands and gently scrub the corrosion away with a wire brush.

Inspect battery connections

While checking for corrosion, inspect your battery’s connections to see that they are tight. If any are loose, simply retighten them by hand with an ordinary Philip’s head screwdriver. Take care not to overtighten them when doing so.

Always fully charge your battery

A fully-charged 12-volt battery should actually register 12.7 volts. It should never register less than 12 volts, as this indicates it is less than half charged. Batteries that are only half charged on a daily basis can have a decreased lifespan of up to 20%.

Use a voltmeter

Use a digital voltmeter to check the charge of your battery. Keep in mind that hot weather can kill your RV battery, in which case you should check it more often during the summer months. When charging, take care not to overcharge your battery, as this could also cause it to discharge quicker.

Take care when storing your RV

When your RV is in storage, check your battery at least every 90 days or so. Storing a battery in a discharged state can cause the lead sulfate inside it to harden, thereby shortening its lifespan. You may also want to consider a maintenance charger, which will keep your battery charged without overcharging it.

An AGM battery is an important investment for any RV owner and will pay off in the way of enhanced performance. Use these tips to keep yours in great shape and you can enjoy many more hours of fun and enjoyment in it.