3 steps for connecting a trio of RV batteries in a series

Even though some systems in your RV may rely more on gas power, you will still be using the 12 Volt deep cycle battery in your RV fairly consistently. This can become a problem if you use your RV pretty regularly because you don’t want to drain your battery too low. Depending on the size and type of battery you use, you’ll want to avoid draining your battery by more than 20-50% without recharging.

Get the proper battery types and sizes

You can create a setup that connects a series of batteries together to supplement the power source for your RV. However, keep in mind that each battery in the series should be the same size. If your primary source of power is a 12 Volt deep cycle battery, you should buy two more similar batteries for this process. If you use lithium RV batteries, be sure your supplemental batteries are all of that same type.

Making the connections

Once you have the batteries set up, you’re ready to begin connecting them. Start with the last RV battery in the series by connecting the negative terminal on that battery to the positive terminal on the second battery. The negative terminal of the second battery should be connected with the positive terminal on the first battery. You can add additional batteries if you need them by continuing to follow this connection process.

Connect to your RV

Once you have the batteries connected to one another, you’re ready to connect to your RV. As you look at your series of RV batteries, you should have a free negative connection on the first battery and a free positive connection on the third battery. Using two additional cables, connect those terminals with the corresponding terminals on your RV.

You should also keep in mind the importance of recharging each RV battery separately. Be sure your charger can accommodate the size and type of your batteries. Disconnect each battery from the series and charge it independently to avoid creating an imbalanced charge. Once you have charged all of your batteries, you can follow these steps to reconnect the entire series of batteries.

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