Racing Batteries: What are their other uses?

When you hear the term racing batteries or race car batteries, the image that usually comes to mind is Formula 1 McLaren cars zooming down winding, treacherous courses, accompanied by the roaring of engines shifting to high gear.

However, did you know that racing batteries can also be used in other vehicles, even ones that serve healthcare or military purposes?

What exactly is a racing battery?

There are two common types of race car batteries: flooded lead-acid batteries and absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries. Although a handful of vehicles have been using lithium-based products, the two batteries mentioned above are seeing the most use currently.

AGM batteries, however, have far superior performance advantages over their flooded lead-acid counterparts. Firstly, the electrolytes in an AGM battery are absorbed through its namesake, the absorbed glass mat, making it more resistant to vibrations created by the vehicle.

The electrolytes will not spill and damage your vehicle’s engine or interior if the AGM’s casing becomes damaged due to wear and tear, making it a hassle-free alternative to traditional battery types.

An AGM battery’s stability makes it the ideal electrical power source for many tasks that require resistance to frigid temperatures and high-speed maneuverability.

Any car that uses a hefty amount of voltage to power interior systems – such as heated seats, large audio systems, or advanced GPS equipment – will benefit from the high-performance capabilities of an AGM battery.

Ambulances that carry defibrillators, oxygen supply units, and radio transceivers frequently use AGM batteries to keep their life-saving equipment running. Aside from this, trucks used in commercial shipping and military applications also take advantage of the AGM battery’s durability and longer life cycles. Because tactical trucks that ferry supplies and personnel through hostile territory require massive amounts of electricity to power up their equipment, AGM batteries have seen use in conflict zones and even in territories threatened by natural disasters.

What kind of battery should you buy for your car?

Here at Lifeline Batteries, our technicians and support staff can assist you in choosing the right type of AGM battery for your vehicle. Whether you’re looking to power up a race car, a boat, or heavy equipment, our aerospace-grade, made-in-America batteries will undoubtedly give you the edge to cross the finish line.

Photo: car race by mikegreen1985 licensed under Creative Commons 4.0