How to connect RV batteries in parallel

Every automotive depends on a stable power supply to function effectively. Using any battery, including RV batteries, is a stable and reliable way to power a motor, and provide sufficient power to propel the engines over the desired time and distance. Owners of RVs rely on battery power daily, making it essential that RV batteries are connected correctly.

Making a parallel connection of RV batteries

To create any connection between your batteries, you should ensure that you own the correct wires that will initiate and sustain a complete connection. In addition, you should ensure that all your batteries are of the same kind and have an equal amount of voltage before you proceed to connect them. To achieve a perfect parallel connection of the RV batteries, you must connect all the negative terminals of the batteries and then the other positive terminals. After that, you will have to connect the negative terminals of the power supplier and receiver and do the same for the positive terminals.

The benefits of parallel connections

There are added advantages of making a parallel connection of your RV batteries, however, this kind of connection does not add to the amount of power the automotive shall receive. Parallel batteries only help to increase the time limit in which the required power is supplied to the machine. For instance, if the RV battery has 12 volts and you want to make a parallel connection of four batteries, the number of volts that the machine will receive remains at 12 volts, but the lifespan is increased.

All RV owners should aim to create a stable battery connection. Creating a parallel connection on the appropriate battery ensures your RV can be operated safely and securely for the long term. If you would like more information on connecting batteries safely, visit us today and we’ll be happy to discuss our battery options as well as connection guidelines with you in more detail.