Five Reasons why AGM Batteries are the Best for your Boat

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries were initially designed for military use. Their durability in extreme conditions and high performance made them suitable for use in military bases and fields. Over the years, the use of AGM has extended to RV’s, boats, and racing cars. Here are five reasons why AGM batteries are the most suitable for marine use.

1. AGM batteries are resistant to vibration.It is one of the key strengths of the cell. They are, therefore, able to withstand the waves that are continuously experienced in marine operations and any subsequent damage that may occur as a result of this.

2. They are far more resistant to cycling than flooded batteries.Cycling is the process of fully discharging a battery. This is necessary on a boat while running lights, pumps, and electronics. While cycling typically shortens the lifecycle of most cells, AGM’s are better suited to withstand this.

3. Another appealing factor about AGM batteries is that they are not flooded. They, therefore, cannot leak battery acid even if the battery case is damaged or cracked. This factor also enables the battery to be mounted in any orientation. Mounting can be done horizontally, vertically, or even upside down if required, with no risk of leakage!

4. AGM batteries are low-maintenance in general.Due to the fact that they are not flooded, an AGM battery owner is relieved from checking electrolyte levels and adding distilled water regularly. Their smaller physical size also adds to their efficiency.

5. Though they have a higher initial cost, AGM batteries have a long service life if well maintained. Boat owners who settle for AGM as their marine battery can boast an uninterrupted service life of up to 11 years.

To increase the lifespan of your AGM battery, ensure that you recharge it as soon as possible after being discharged. Although this can be done using the boat’s charging system, a high-quality battery charger is more suitable. Keeping the battery at 100% charge when the boat is not in use will also increase its lifespan.