Why is my AGM battery hot?

Everyone knows how important it is to charge your AGM battery. Without this very important step, you’ll end up in the middle of nowhere with no battery charge to power your electronics on your RV or boat. That being said, charging your AGM battery in the wrong way can lead to some serious problems, including premature aging and overheating.

Charging your AGM battery in the wrong way can cause the cells to preheat, which damages the battery, resulting in it dying faster than it should. If your AGM battery feels hot to the touch, here are three reasons why that could be happening:

1. Your AGM battery is charging

If your AGM battery feels warm towards the end of its charging cycle, don’t worry. It’s normal for AGM batteries to warm up while charging, and you can still use them to charge your other electrical devices.

If your AGM battery is hot to the touch, however, then you have a potential problem. It’s overheating while charging (and possibly being overused), so it needs a break. Disconnect your AGM battery and allow it to cool down before reconnecting.

2. Temperatures are high

Maybe it goes without saying, but if it’s hot outside or hot inside your RV or boat, then your AGM battery may get hot as well. Your AGM battery needs to be charged at the correct temperature to protect it from overheating. Avoid charging your AGM battery in temperatures above 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius). This will help protect your AGM battery from overheating and ensure it has the longest life possible.

3. You’re using the wrong charger

If you’re attempting to charge your AGM battery using an improperly fitting charger or a charger that’s poorly or incorrectly connected, you can cause your battery to overheat. Always use the recommended charger for your AGM battery and never attempt to fit the wrong type of charger into your AGM battery to charge it.

Additionally, making sure you charge your AGM battery correctly (fully charged or even over-charged) will help prevent it from overheating when you use it.