The mid-summer tune-up. Is it time for an upgrade to an AGM Battery?

The mid-summer tune-up. Is it time for an upgrade to an AGM Battery?

Summer is a time for fun and adventure. Although our favorite toys may not be getting as much use this year, that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve the best, just like our own families. A midsummer tune-up is a great way to ensure the life of your machine. If you haven’t started your equipment in a while, or it’s gotten more use than usual, now may be the time to check-in and make sure it’s running the way you like it and outfitted with as minimal upkeep as possible. The following is a list of our recommendations for a midsummer tune-up. This list is minimal, not exhaustive, and please use your best judgment and add steps as needed for your situation.

Replace oil and lubricants (washer, coolant, antifreeze, brake, and power steering).

Check the plugs and wires and replace them if necessary.

Check all the filters and lights

Check and charge the battery and replace it as needed.

Check belts and hoses for cracks and replace as needed

Check all materials and fabrics for wear and tear and make repairs.

Check generators and propane tank and top off

Check hydraulic jacks and fluid levels.

Lubricate all hinges and locks.

Examine tires for abnormal wear and, if necessary, rotate them.

Most importantly, check your battery. Finding yourself stranded because of a dead battery is a worst-case scenario and may be life-threatening in some cases. Performing regular maintenance on your machine and battery helps to ensure safety and longevity. Make sure the battery is free of corrosion and able to hold a charge. If not, consider replacing it with a deep-cycle AGM battery for ongoing ease of use.

AGM technology continues to evolve to meet the needs of its consumers, especially with hard to perform maintenance machines, and is worth considering for your equipment. Many consumers find that, in the long run, the additional benefits of longevity and ease of use for vehicles, marine craft, and ATV’s outweigh those of their flooded cell competitors. If you own an RV, marine craft, ATV, race car, or even a wheelchair, it may be time to upgrade to a deep cycle battery for peace of mind and ease of use in the future.