RV batteries: Series or parallel?

When you’re setting up your RV batteries, establishing the way you do it is key. After all, they deliver power in slightly different ways to one another and give you very different outcomes. This is where having a full understanding of parallel and series batteries is key. Read on to learn more about series and parallel batteries, what the differences are and why they play a key role in effective battery performance.

Parallel batteries

Batteries being in parallel is the case in which they act as a singular power unit in a circuit. This occurs through batteries being connected to one another positive to positive and negative to negative node connections. The benefit of this is an increased capacity over time from the power unit, drawing from all of the batteries at once. Furthermore, the voltage remains the same, ensuring that you don’t short out any individual systems.

Series batteries

Batteries in series are connected positive to negative and negative to positive, each acting as their own individual battery in the circuit. This means that all of your batteries add to the voltage of the circuit, supporting any applications and devices requiring a higher voltage. All of the batteries drain at a regular pace, but this is understandable when they’re being used to power more significant equipment and devices.


If the benefits of both methods are of interest to you, then it might help to know that it is possible to have batteries both in parallel and in series. By connecting up separate parallelized power units in a series, you see the benefits of both higher charge and higher capacity in the battery units. Although this is a more complex process than using one or the other of series or parallel batteries, it is one with significant benefits for your RV and your budget.

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