How to connect 4 RV batteries

When you’re on a long trip in your RV, making full use of the batteries at your disposal is key. After all, you’re going a long way and it is not always easy to retain a single battery throughout the entire trip. This is where making use of 4 RV batteries is ideal. Read on to find out how to connect 4 RV batteries, and learn why doing so improves your RV trip.

How to connect 4 RV batteries in series

Connecting four RV batteries in series means you increase the voltage of the battery unit by a factor of four whilst retaining the same current. The batteries drain in the same amount of time as a single battery due to the higher voltage, so only do this when increasing power output. To do this, connect the positive nodes to the negative nodes of the batteries, whilst connecting each end of the series to the RV.

How to connect 4 RV batteries in parallel

Connecting batteries in parallel retains the same level of voltage and current in the battery, increasing the capacity of each of the batteries. This means that batteries drain significantly slower when connected together in parallel. In order to connect batteries in parallel, connect the positive node of battery one to the positive node of battery two, also connecting the negative nodes. Connect positive to positive and negative to negative on battery two to battery three, then battery three to battery four. This forms a parallel connection.

What safety steps should I take?

When connecting up batteries and working with electricity, ensure that you wear rubber gloves that insulate from the charge. After all, RV batteries work at extremely high wattages, so an accident could not only ruin your trip but cause lasting damage to your body. Have the right protective equipment at all times to make the most of your road trip.

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