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What makes racing batteries so important?

The world of racing cars is becoming more and more rooted in technology and perfect engineering. Whether it’s the brute force approach taken by NASCAR, the need for long-life components in LMP-1 and other Endurance classes, or the intensely technical and precise components in a Formula 1 car, all of these rely on good batteries [...]

What makes racing batteries so important?2020-10-19T11:15:09-07:00

Battery technology continues to improve

The technology that's used in vehicle batteries has advanced significantly in the last few decades. However, it continues to evolve and will improve even more over time. Here's how battery technology has changed over the years: 1. There are now alternatives to flooded acid batteries While flooded acid batteries used to be the only option, [...]

Battery technology continues to improve2020-10-07T10:45:54-07:00

How To Store AGM Batteries

Racing batteries require special considerations when planning for off-season storage. Appropriate race car battery storage helps maintain its charge longer and increase its lifespan, which is good news for you and your budget. When you invest in the best Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery, you would like it to last in good form for as [...]

How To Store AGM Batteries2020-02-17T20:45:06-08:00

What Are The Advantages Of An AGM Battery For Race Cars?

Here in the US, racing is in abundance at all levels; whether it be professional or amateur, you're sure to have come across racing in one walk of life or another. If you're one of the enthusiasts that own a race car, then you need to be aware of the upkeep it requires. One of [...]

What Are The Advantages Of An AGM Battery For Race Cars?2020-02-17T20:48:27-08:00

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