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Are AGM batteries good for RVs?

In any RV, it's imperative that you use deep cycle batteries. There are a number of different types of deep-cycle batteries, such as gel batteries, Lithium-ion batteries, flooded lead-acid batteries, and absorbed glass mat batteries. But what are AGM batteries, and are they good for RVs? In this article, we discuss what AGM batteries are [...]

Are AGM batteries good for RVs?2021-11-01T11:28:28-07:00

3 steps for connecting a trio of RV batteries in a series

Even though some systems in your RV may rely more on gas power, you will still be using the 12 Volt deep cycle battery in your RV fairly consistently. This can become a problem if you use your RV pretty regularly because you don't want to drain your battery too low. Depending on the size [...]

3 steps for connecting a trio of RV batteries in a series2021-11-01T11:40:08-07:00

What is an AGM battery?

Absorbed Glass Mat batteries, or AGMs, were invented in the 1970s and are considered a superior alternative to typical flooded cell batteries. While more expensive than conventional options, AGM batteries outperform conventional batteries by any measure. While typical lead-acid batteries remain popular today, AGM batteries are beginning to gain attention in the market. Take a [...]

What is an AGM battery?2021-01-26T11:12:30-08:00

Mind-blowing facts about AGM batteries

Demand for low maintenance goods and services is being driven through the roof by our busy lives, and batteries are no exception. Since we prefer replacing batteries as infrequently as possible, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries are a perfect fit for this category. Unlike regular flooded batteries, the positive and negative plates in AGM batteries [...]

Mind-blowing facts about AGM batteries2020-12-21T11:00:47-08:00

Charging An AGM Battery: How To Do It Right To Guarantee Long Service

AGM batteries are some of the most sought after batteries today thanks to their low resistance, good electrical reliability, longevity, versatility, and low maintenance cost. But despite these enormous benefits, many users don’t give AGM batteries the attention they deserve when charging. Charging an AGM battery properly is one of the surest ways to ensure [...]

Charging An AGM Battery: How To Do It Right To Guarantee Long Service2020-12-21T11:12:01-08:00

How to get the most of your AGM Battery

AGM batteries are the ideal choice for boats, race cars, and RVs due to their durable construction, faster recharging, and increased starts per charge. However, if you want to make the most of your AGM battery, it is important to keep a few best practices in mind. See our tips for improving the lifespan of [...]

How to get the most of your AGM Battery2020-11-16T11:39:48-08:00

How long does it take to recharge marine batteries?

If you need to recharge marine batteries, it's important to know how long it will take. Two crucial factors to consider are the quality of your battery and the current you're using. Here's what you need to know about how long it takes to recharge marine batteries: 1. It usually takes around 4-6 hours In [...]

How long does it take to recharge marine batteries?2020-11-16T11:42:17-08:00

What are 2 volt batteries used for?

While 2 volt batteries may seem impossibly small, they have a surprising number of uses. Not only can they be used in conjunction with 12 or 6 volt batteries to increase the total amount of voltage generated, but they have several uses on their own. Here's what you need to know about the uses of [...]

What are 2 volt batteries used for?2020-11-16T11:33:01-08:00

Battery technology continues to improve

The technology that's used in vehicle batteries has advanced significantly in the last few decades. However, it continues to evolve and will improve even more over time. Here's how battery technology has changed over the years: 1. There are now alternatives to flooded acid batteries While flooded acid batteries used to be the only option, [...]

Battery technology continues to improve2020-10-07T10:45:54-07:00

How do you recharge your battery?

If you have recently purchased a new car or RV battery, you're probably wondering how you can recharge it properly. Luckily, you can do this using your household's electricity if you have a converter. Here's what you need to know about recharging your battery: 1. Your home's power is AC, and your battery needs DC [...]

How do you recharge your battery?2020-08-27T12:04:24-07:00

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