Are lithium RV batteries worth the cost?

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Are lithium RV batteries worth the cost?

One of the biggest issues for anyone looking to get involved in off-the-grid camping is the question of lithium RV batteries. Although a relatively recent development, lithium RV batteries are an investment that is worth considering. Read on to learn more about whether lithium RV batteries are worth the cost, and some of the key benefits of using lithium RV batteries.

What are lithium RV batteries?

Lithium RV batteries are rechargeable 12-volt batteries that have become extremely popular replacements for the lead-acid batteries commonly used in RVs. Lithium batteries fully discharge without damage and are completely rechargeable thousands of times over, whilst being a lighter option than lead-acid batteries. However, lithium batteries cost more than their lead-acid counterparts due to more expensive materials and building processes in the manufacturing stage.

What are the benefits of lithium RV batteries?

There is an incredibly wide range of benefits of using lithium RV batteries, the first of which is their far more sustainable nature. As the 12V lithium iron phosphate batteries are rechargeable many times over, they are perfect for the environmentally-friendly RV user with solar panels on the roof. Furthermore, the environment faces less waste as lithium RV batteries do not need disposing of as often as traditional acid batteries. Finally, lithium batteries are far lighter than their lead-acid counterparts, leading to fuel efficiency and even more space in your RV.

So are lithium RV batteries worth it?

With all the benefits lithium RV batteries have to offer, they are well worth it for the consistent RV user. Whilst those using their RVs less often struggle with converting the high costs into long-term value per mile, people using their RV on a consistent basis will get a lot of use out of the incredibly long-lasting batteries that lithium options have to offer.

If you’re interested in using lithium batteries in your RV, get in touch with the Lifeline Batteries team today to make the most of your lithium battery installation and usage.


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