Are AGM batteries good for RVs?

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Are AGM batteries good for RVs?

In any RV, it’s imperative that you use deep cycle batteries. There are a number of different types of deep-cycle batteries, such as gel batteries, Lithium-ion batteries, flooded lead-acid batteries, and absorbed glass mat batteries.

But what are AGM batteries, and are they good for RVs? In this article, we discuss what AGM batteries are and whether or not they are a good choice for RVs.

What is AGM?

An absorbed glass mat battery (AGM) is a car battery that has been specifically designed for two purposes: to deliver powerful bursts of amps and to run electricity for a long period of time. The battery consists of glass mats, which cushion the lead plates. The battery is sealed, spill-free, and fuss-free.

What is the difference between AGM batteries and conventional batteries?

Conventional batteries, or flooded batteries, are so-called because the electrolytes within them are allowed to move freely within the battery. Unlike flooded batteries, AGM batteries do not allow for the electrolytes to move freely, meaning that they are less likely to leak.

What are the benefits of AGM batteries?

There are many reasons why AGM batteries are more beneficial for use than other batteries. Firstly, they hold their charge better. Secondly, they are less likely to sulfate when compared to normal, wet cell batteries. This is incredibly beneficial for vehicles that are not used regularly, meaning that they are perfect for RVs that are sat idle for long periods of time.

Because the liquid is sealed within the battery, it means that it can be mounted in any position. Furthermore, it also means that the battery is heavily resistant to vibration, which is perfect for RVs as they are so heavy and often have to ride on more difficult terrain.

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