What makes the best RV deep cycle battery?

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What makes the best RV deep cycle battery?

The RV continues to be a popular choice for those who enjoy the outdoors, and it is simply incomplete without the best deep cycle battery to power your journey. While most campsites have what you need to keep the lights on, a strong RV Deep Cycle Battery is always required to make the most of your excursion. Here are a few key elements you need to trust your RV Battery will last.

1. Absorbent glass mat (AGM) design

These vehicular batteries were designed for military use in the 1980s, and are increasingly popular today due to their strong performance and sheer electrical reliability. This strength works well with an RV’s stop/start system, improving fuel consumption long-term. The best AGM battery will provide the power for a long journey and not a watt less.

2. Thick positive plates

Deep Cycle Batteries are essential for long-term RV use because they are designed to be fully discharged and subsequently recharged repeatedly – there is no efficiency loss over time. However, this is not enough; these batteries must also have thick positive plating. Thin plating does not have the same life expectancy that you would want from a battery you will depend upon. With thicker plates, the battery can deep-cycle more frequently, serving your trip better than any alternative.

3. High voltage

As with the other relevant factors, longevity and high performance are intrinsic to an RV Deep Cycle Battery. You cannot separate this from the battery’s voltage. We must say there are still plenty of voltage options (none of which could ever constitute a bad choice), but a 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery could provide the best power. On top of this, it is possible to link multiple RV batteries together in a series – this compounds the benefits of the power sources to a degree.

It is always important that you choose the Best RV Deep Cycle Battery – and this cannot be done unless you pick an AGM model with thick plating. On top of this, you must make use of your vehicle’s battery space to build the high-voltage series that will carry you far. At Lifeline Batteries, we proudly use the strongest plates and designs to keep your RV driving along – contact us today for more information on our products.


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