The benefits of upgrading RV batteries

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The benefits of upgrading RV batteries

Upgrading your RV batteries is a great way to get more utility and value out of your RV. Traditionally, upgrading to a Lithium-ion battery was the ideal way to go, although it was an expensive investment.

These days, battery technology for RVs has improved tremendously and RV battery prices are more affordable than ever. This article is going to look at the benefits of upgrading your RV batteries to help you decide if it is the right decision for you.

It is becoming affordable to upgrade to LiFePO4 Lithium batteries

The market for RV’s and campers has grown enormously over the past decade or so, which has encouraged manufacturers to drive competition and lower prices on components such as RV batteries. This has made the cost of upgrading your RV batteries much more affordable to the point where Lithium-ion upgrades are a sensible option for most RV owners.

Battery upgrades lighten the load

Lithium batteries are very different when compared to lead-acid batteries for RVs. Lithium batteries are much more energy-dense, which means they weigh a lot less while still offering similar capacities and charge times. Generally speaking, Lithium batteries are about a quarter of the weight of a standard lead battery. This lightens the load while driving, which saves on fuel.

Lithium batteries power your RV for longer

Powering an RV is no small task, which means you need a dependable source of energy to keep everything running smoothly. Lithium RV battery upgrades are more efficient in terms of charge capacity, so they last much longer than standard lead batteries. A lead battery degrades quite quickly and loses its potential to charge efficiently much sooner than a Lithium battery.

Lithium battery RV upgrades are built to last

Lithium batteries are incredibly efficient when it comes to their charge cycles when compared to other batteries. A high-quality AGM battery, for example, can handle around 500 cycles of being recharged – which is about 2 years on average. Lithium batteries, by comparison, can be cycled over 4,000 times without issue.

If you are looking to upgrade your RV, switching to a Lithium battery is an excellent investment. From improving RV efficiency to the lifespan of your battery, upgrading RV batteries to Lithium can vastly improve your RV experience with little cost.


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