How To Charge 2 RV Batteries In Parallel

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How To Charge 2 RV Batteries In Parallel

If you’re looking to store more power than a single battery allows for, then you will need to look into creating a bank of batteries. This increases battery capacity, amperage, voltage or a combination of these measurements. There are a few different ways to create a bank of batteries, and this article will focus on wiring batteries in parallel. So, let’s take a closer look at everything you need to consider.

What’s the difference between batteries in parallel and batteries in series?

When you create a chain of batteries, you increase the overall voltage without changing the capacity. So, with two 6 volt batteries that are rated at 225 amp hours wired together, you will have 12 volts of power with a capacity of 225 amp-hours.

When you wire two batteries in parallel, you increase the capacity but the voltage of the batteries stays the same. So, your two 6 volt batteries with 225 amp hours will only have 6 volts when wired together, but a capacity of 450 amp-hours.

As a general rule, try to use batteries that have the same capacity and voltage when you are wiring them together. It is also advisable to keep the wires that are connecting the batteries the same size to ensure a safe, secure connection.

How do you wire batteries in parallel?

In order to wire up two 12V RV batteries in parallel, you will need to connect the two negative terminals to one another, and then the two positive terminals. Doing so will ensure your voltage remains at 12V which works best for RVs. It will also double your capacity, giving you more power for longer without the need to recharge your batteries.

Although all of your terminals are in use, you can still attach multiple wires to an individual terminal. So once you have successfully wired your batteries in parallel, you just have to attach the RV’s negative cable to the negative terminal of one 12V battery and attach the RV positive cable to the positive terminal of the other battery.


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