Going Green RV’ing with AGM batteries

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Going Green RV’ing with AGM batteries

With the sustainability of our planet a concern to a large percentage of the planet, many recreational vehicle owners have made the switch to solar power in their RVs. This has led to use of deep cycle RV batteries by the battery bank load. Batteries for RV use come from many manufacturers, but they are generally AGM, or absorbed glass mat, batteries. When an RV transfers to solar power, it offers many advantages over the use of a generator, as is the traditional method to power an RV parked somewhere it cannot plug into shore power outlets.

Generator versus solar power systems

Not only is the use of a generator much harder on the environment than the use of solar power systems, but it is also a much louder system for powering an RV. The power used from a deep cycle RV battery bank is consumed silently. This is excellent for RVs that are parked in close succession to homes or other recreational vehicles. Many RV battery banks can supply 14.4 to 14.6v power, which will power any of the appliances in the RV, in addition to all the outlets. Because they’re deep cycle batteries, they can be fully depleted and then recharged many times, perfect as solar bank batteries.

New RV solar technology

As a matter of fact, many of the new recreational vehicles that are being manufactured today already come wired for solar power system installation. An RV owner would only need to install the solar panels, deep cycle RV batteries, a solar charge controller, and an inverter. The solar charge controller sends the power to the RV batteries in a controlled amount to avoid overcharging the batteries. The inverter turns the DC rated power to usable AC rated power, which is what powers appliances and outlets in the recreational vehicle.

Not only does this mean there is reduced propane use due to the appliances running off of solar power stores, but there is no waste put off by solar power. Deep cycle RV batteries also have an extensive life span when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, meaning there is no trash heading for a landfill for multiple years when running your RV on solar power.


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