Charging An AGM Battery: How To Do It Right To Guarantee Long Service

////Charging An AGM Battery: How To Do It Right To Guarantee Long Service
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Charging An AGM Battery: How To Do It Right To Guarantee Long Service

AGM batteries are some of the most sought after batteries today thanks to their low resistance, good electrical reliability, longevity, versatility, and low maintenance cost. But despite these enormous benefits, many users don’t give AGM batteries the attention they deserve when charging.

Charging an AGM battery properly is one of the surest ways to ensure it serves you for many years. Car, boat, and RV owners who ignore this tip risk losing the batteries, time, and money much faster than expected. We don’t want you to make the same mistake.

So in this post, we share three tips to help charge your AGM battery the right way.

Use manufacturer-recommended charger

Contrary to what many people assume, battery chargers are not a one-size fit all. This is because batteries vary. For example, small batteries need small chargers and large batteries need larger chargers.

And here, we’re not talking about physical sizes but capacity measured in Amperes. So when charging your AGM battery only use the charger recommended by your manufacturer.

Understand the effect of charges

Almost every electrical appliance comes with a charger these days. And it’s easy to assume that the charging processes are similar. But that’s not true.

For instance, laptop and phone batteries are lithium-based, while AGM batteries are acid-based. And as a result, lithium batteries can be charged partially without causing any harm. But on the other hand, when charging AGM batteries, you must charge them fully or go slightly above.

If you partially charge your AGM battery, it may lose its full capacity.

Temperature matters

Industry experts recommend charging AGM batteries within a temperature range of 32 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit (0 and 40 degrees Celsius). If your temperature falls out of this range, don’t charge your battery.

The good news is that many chargers today come with an internal temperature sensor to ensure you’re charging at the right temperature. This will help you charge your battery all-year-round.

AGM batteries are designed to last longer than ordinary batteries. But if you don’t charge them right, you can reduce this lifespan significantly. To learn more, contact us to speak with one of our AGM battery specialists.


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