AGM Batteries: The “Maintenance Free” Battery

///AGM Batteries: The “Maintenance Free” Battery
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AGM Batteries: The “Maintenance Free” Battery

Absorbent Glass Mat, or AGM batteries, are the highly favored option with owners of RVs, boats, and race cars everywhere, but are they truly the “maintenance free” option that they have been touted to be? First and foremost, AGM batteries may not be the best option for every application that you want to use them in. The typical AGM battery is perfect for use in enhanced electrical system outfitted vehicles, such as high performance boats and vehicles.


AGM batteries also work exceptionally well in renewable energy, or for rechargeable applications in vehicles like RVs. In addition, they are proven to be a faster recharging option than the typical flooded battery. They have been proven to recharge anywhere from 2 to 3 times faster than regular flooded batteries in product testing.


The greatest attribute of AGM batteries is that they are durable and manufactured with an extra thick casing to protect them in the elements, such as cold weather or snow.

12v, 6v and 2v

In addition, AGM batteries are ideal for RVs because in addition to the typical 12v and 6v options in battery sizes, you can also find the 2v batteries for use in solar arrays. Often times, when setting up off-grid power systems, such as wind and solar renewable power systems, the arrays contain multiple 2v batteries for power systems. AGM batteries are also known as deep cycle batteries because they empty of their power supplies while in use during the day, then fully recharge from harnessed wind or solar energy in just a few hours during the day.

The flooded battery, or wet cell battery, has been one of the most commonly used modern style battery since its inception, however, with the birth of easily rechargeable secondary batteries being used for solar arrays, RV living, and wind-powered living, AGM batteries are quickly becoming the most commonly used option. Essentially, the only maintenance required for AGM batteries is to ensure they aren’t stored while in a discharged state, and also to ensure that they are fully and properly charged during every single charge cycle. This, of course, includes not overcharging your AGM battery.


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