What types of devices can absorbent glass mat batteries power?

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What types of devices can absorbent glass mat batteries power?

If you’re wondering what types of electronics an absorbent glass mat battery can provide electricity for, the answer is that it’s possible to power just about any type of electronic device with one. Here are some examples of the onboard devices that these batteries are able to provide energy for:

Television sets, radios, and other media devices

If you have an absorbent glass mat battery in your recreational vehicle, you’ll be able to easily access the same media that you watch or listen to at home when you’re traveling. That’s because absorbent glass mat batteries can provide energy that runs television sets, radios, or computers.

Onboard appliances, such as microwaves, washers and mini-fridges

You’ll even be able to power large household appliances with the energy from absorbent glass mat batteries. In fact, many RV owners use these batteries to power everything from microwaves to full-sized stoves, washer and dryers and refrigerators.

Other common household appliances can be powered with energy from absorbent glass mat batteries

You can power just about any household device with the electrical power that comes from an RV outlet. RV outlets can provide the same type of current that’s available in your home if you have a DC to AC converter onboard, which most recreational vehicles do.

Cell phone chargers and other small electronic devices

Not only can an absorbent glass mat battery be used to power ordinary cell phone chargers, but they also can provide energy for Wi-Fi routers inside the vehicle. This can allow you to have access to wireless internet while you’re on the road! In fact, these batteries can provide energy to the electrical outlets in your RV, which can allow you to plug in just about anything!

Absorbent glass mat batteries are exceptionally effective when it comes to powering onboard devices

AGM Battery products are able to power onboard electronics far more effectively than most conventional flooded acid batteries. Not only that, but they are built to last significantly longer than conventional batteries. As a result, they are the best choice for most RV owners, and we have numerous satisfied customers all over the world.

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